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Repairs & Servicing

Why Service your Caravan or Motor Home?
The importance of getting your caravan serviced cannot be underestimated.  Issues like cracked tyres or binding or worn brakes cause numerous accidents on UK roads every year. Servicing your caravan annually cannot only save you money but also prevent serious harm or even death.  Issues which can be avoided or identified during servicing  include gas leaks, blow outs and water ingress.  

All UK Caravan manufactures make servicing a condition of their warranty.  Swift, Sterling, Sprite and Compass all offer 10 year body shell warranties which cover stress cracks and water ingress.  The importance of getting your caravan serviced cannot be under estimated and many road accidents could be avoided.  There are many cheap caravans for sale in Scotland, many of which may not have been services in years.  If you decide to buy a caravan privately take note of the following.

Gas Leaks
Gas leaks are extremely common on caravans due the amount of movement while travelling.  Even caravans only a few years old can develop gas leaks behind the cooker, fridge or at the bulkhead.  During a service our engineers carry out a gas pressure test which determines if the system has developed any leaks.  If it has developed a leak we can isolate the area to trace the source. 

Damp / Water Ingress
Water ingress or damp is without doubt the biggest misconception in the caravan industry.  It strikes fear into the hearts and minds of pretty much every caravanner.  Let’s get this straight, not all water ingress or damp is going to end up with the inside of your caravan being dismantled or costing you thousands of pounds.  95% of all cases which we see are easily rectified and relatively inexpensive.

Another misconception is that you can smell damp, again this is not the case, you can only smell damp if the wood behind has rotted which only takes place over many years of water ingress.   There are a number of different stages, all of which has a different cost of repair.

Our fully equipped workshop is manufacturer and insurance approved enabling us to facilitate and undertake all types of servicing, warranty and insurance repairs regardless of the year, make or model of the caravan.

Our experienced engineers are fully trained to meet our manufacturers highest standards.  These include Swift, Sterling, Sprite, Lunar and Compass, we have over 50 years combined experience in our workshop.

During the typical caravan service our engineers check the following components:

  • Panels & sealants check
  • Full brake and undergear service
  • Chassis and Chassis to Body Security
  • Damper Unit
  • Brake Rod and Linkage
  • Panels & sealants check
  • 12 volt system
  • Full brake and undergear service
  • Microwave
  • Chassis and Chassis to Body Security
  • Brakes
  • Hand Brake Operation
  • Tyre Condition
  • Hub Bearings
  • Tyre Pressure
  • Oil Seals
  • Grease handbrake Assembly
  • Breakaway Cable
  • Grease Nipples
  • Stabiliser Pads
  • Grease Coupling
  • Exterior Lights
  • Grease Corner Steadies
  • 7/13 Pin Plug and Cables
  • Grease Jockey Wheel
  • Exterior Door Locks   
  • Doors & Hinges
  • Windows
  • Cassette Blinds
  • Damp Meter Test
  • Window Catches & Stays
  • Floor Test
  • Bed Slats
  • Charger unit
  • Roof lights
  • Fridge (functional test)
  • Smoke Alarm
  • Blown Air
  • Consumer Unit (240v)
  • Water Heater
  • Taps & water system
  • Water Pumps   
  • Cassette Toilet & seals
  • Gas Pressure Test
  • Gas appliances (functional test)
  • Pipes